Shepherd’s Pie Traditional Irish Music

Shepherd’s Pie Alan Wood, percussion & pipes Fran Malinoff, fiddle Robert Winokur, whistles Gary Jensen, banjo & octave mandolin

Alan Wood, Fran Malinoff, Robert Winokur and Gary Jensen are the ingredients of Shepherd’s Pie. A Santa Barbara band, they’re available for parties, weddings, wakes, or whatever you’re celebrating!

“We attended Neil Diamond’s concert with 16,000-plus others at the MGM Grand Arena. It was truly grand, and electric … but we enjoyed your group just as much tonight. And it was a helluva lot less expensive!” — NC and EC, Santa Barbara

Where we're playing:

Friday, October 31, “Halloween Journey”, Waldorf School, Goleta.

First Thursday, November 6, 5–8 p.m. at Paseo Nuevo Center Court, 789 State St., Santa Barbara.  Map

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Write to us for information or bookings, or call us in Santa Barbara at 805-969-4974.

Photos: Dina Pielaet